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Professional Negligence Claims Against Architects Scotland

You might need to pay for an architect’s services where you are getting a new house built, are extending your home or are making other improvements to your property. The architect will usually draw up the designs and oversee the construction phase. You are entitled to expect the architect to meet the professional standards expected of them when working on your project. However, as with all professional services, mistakes do happen. Where the error comes down to the architect’s negligent actions, you could have a claim for compensation for the losses you have incurred as a result. It is important that members of the architectural profession are held to account and that professional standards are upheld.

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Professional Standards for Architects

Architects are legally obliged to carry out their professional duties with reasonable care and skill. The duty of care the architect owes to their clients is usually expressed in a contractual agreement. Where no contract was agreed, the architect will still usually have a duty of care, provided the client relied on the services and that there is a sufficiently close relationship between the architect and their client.

They may breach this duty, where for example, there are defects with the design, the architect did not oversee the progress of the project properly or they caused significant delays to the completion of your project. If you are unsure whether your architect’s conduct is the reason for your loss, contact our highly knowledgeable and approachable solicitors to discuss your circumstances. 

When is Compensation Due?

You will be entitled to compensation if the architect owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty of care and as a result you suffered loss. To establish whether a duty of care has been breached, it is important to look at the scope of the duty owed to you, which will usually be set out in the contractual agreement. If no contract exists, the architect’s conduct will be compared to that of a reasonably competent person in the profession, i.e. would a reasonable person in that profession have acted in the same way.

A direct link will need to be established between the breach and your loss. It is our job to help you show that you would have been in a better position had architect’s breach of duty not occurred. We will also work out the full extent of your loss, including any costs incurred to correct or mitigate the error.

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At Jones Whyte, we understand the duties that professionals must fulfil when they agree to provide their expertise and skills to you. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of the architectural profession, which allows us to quickly and effectively establish when they may have breached a duty owed to you, and how that breach caused you loss.

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