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Professional Negligence Claims Against Surveyors in Scotland

When you buy a property, whether to live in or as an investment, you want to be sure that you are fully informed before making this high-value purchase. That is why it is sensible to instruct a surveyor to carry out an in-depth assessment of the property and identify any defects. The surveyor will also provide advice on the effect any problems with the property will have on you, such as the need to pay for repairs. In most cases, surveyors will do their job with no problems, but when they provide a substandard service, the expert solicitors at Jones Whyte Law are on hand to help you pursue compensation for any loss you may have incurred as a result.

Surveyors’ Duty of Care

Surveyors are able to tell you a number of things, such as whether there are any structural issues with the property you are buying, like a chimney stack about to fall down, or whether there are any minor (or major) repairs that will need to be carried out. In delivering their service, like all professionals, they owe their clients a duty of care. They are in danger of breaching this duty of care and causing loss to their clients if their service falls below the professional standards expected.

If you have instructed a surveyor prior to purchasing a property, and that surveyor missed defects in the property or overvalued the property, this can result in significant financial loss to you. If this has happened to you, contact the specialist professional negligence solicitors at Jones Whyte today, and we can help you recover any financial loss you have experienced.

Expert Advice for Professional Negligence Claims Against Surveyors in Scotland

The team at Jones Whyte specialise in professional negligence claims against surveyors and we have the expertise and dedication necessary to ensure you have the best prospects of successfully pursuing compensation. Whether your surveyor missed something important, or on the basis of their advice caused you to overestimate the market value of your property, you can rely on the expert solicitors at Jones Whyte to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. Contact us to discuss your options and find out what we can do to help.

As modern, dynamic solicitors with extensive experience of professional negligence claims, the team at Jones Whyte are well placed to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve where you have incurred financial loss as a result of a surveyor’s negligence. We assist clients based throughout Scotland, and provide legal services tailored to your needs and budget. Our head office is in Glasgow, call 01413751222 today, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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