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Food Poisoning Claims

Food poisoning comes in many forms: salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, Hepatitis A and E-Coli. Whether it’s because of an infection in the animal that your meat comes from, or because of something that was wrong in the food preparation process, food poisoning is unpleasant. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid, especially where you are eating at a restaurant where you aren’t responsible for the preparation of the food. Where you have suffered the effects of food poisoning, get in contact with the specialist poisoning claim solicitors at Jones Whyte and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Pursuing a claim for Food Poisoning with Solicitors in Glasgow

When you purchase food, you are protected by the Consumer Protection Act 1987, which states that a food retailer must make sure that the food they sell is free from harmful bacteria. Once you have got in contact with us, if we can establish who was responsible for your food poisoning, then a claim is relatively simple. We need to establish the following:

  • that the food was not safe;
  • that you were made ill because of this; and
  • that the cause of the illness was the unsafe food.

This is known as strict liability. We do not need to show that the food manufacturer was negligent. Once you realise you have contracted food poisoning, it is important that you seek medical attention. Food poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and even irritable bowel syndrome. Once you have sought medical attention, we can use your medical reports and records as evidence.

The expert poisoning claim solicitors at Jones Whyte can hope to obtain between a £200 up to anywhere around £30,000 depending on the seriousness of your food poisoning. Not only this, but bringing a claim will help ensure that the food manufacturers abide by their duties in future.

Who is Responsible for your Food Poisoning?

If you bought food in the supermarket, then it is likely the manufacturer of that food who will be responsible for your illness, whether that’s the supermarket itself or a third-party manufacturer. On the other hand, if you contracted food poisoning after eating at a restaurant, then it will be the restaurant who will be responsible. If you suffered food poisoning because of a meal you ate while on holiday then if that holiday was a package trip, we can bring a claim against your tour operator. You can rely on the solicitors at Jones Whyte to find out who was responsible and resolve your issue satisfactorily.

Contact our Food Poisoning Claims Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

Our dedicated solicitors at Jones Whyte pride themselves on combining their empathy and understanding with their legal knowledge. We make the effort to understand your concerns and requirements so that we can create a bespoke solution with which you are totally happy. We are approachable, friendly and ready to help you. With our head office in Glasgow, we serve the whole of Scotland and our door is always open. Get in contact with us today by calling  01413751222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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