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How Much Can I Claim for My Motorcycle Accident Eye Injuries?

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, life has become chaotic enough. Odds are you have multiple injuries to recover from and probably a good deal of material loss as well.

But perhaps, either immediately or as things have started to settle down, one area you may have never expected to be impacted by such an accident is showing signs of damage – your eyes.

Though your eyes may be a less “obvious” area for you to receive an injury as part of a motorcycle accident, they are no less valuable and worthy of receiving compensation. You need your eyes to maintain independence, to work, to drive.

So, what do you need to know about making a claim for an eye injury caused by a motorcycle accident?

Can I Make a Claim for My Motorcycle Accident Related Eye Injuries?

 If you were in an accident and the other party was deemed responsible, then they and their insurance will be held liable to provide compensation for your eye injuries. However, even if you were determined to be partly responsible, you may still be able to collect compensation for your eye injuries.

 How Compensation Amount Is Determined

When dealing with motorcycle accident eye injuries, your solicitor will consider two types of loss when preparing your claim:

  • Financial loss: if you lose income, both past and future, have medical expenses, rehab expenses, travel expenses, and any other expense directly related to the eye injury you have suffered, this will be taken into account to determine your financial loss.

    You will need to be able to provide your lawyer with receipts and evidence of these expenses.
  • Pain and suffering: compensation for pain and suffering will be determined by a couple of factors.

    First, the type and severity of your eye injury will be taken into account, whether you have a minor or serious injury or whether you have become totally blind in one or both eyes.

    Obviously, the severity of the eye injury determines how much it has impacted your quality of life. So, whether the injury leaves in you regular pain, the duration of your pain, how much it will impair other activities in your life and whether that be temporary or permanent will all determine how much you will be compensated for pain and suffering.

    Second, your solicitor will also look into other similar cases to see how previous eye injury claims were decided and compensated.

 What Can I Expect?

 This, of course, all depends on the severity of your injury, whether or not the accident was the other party’s fault or was partially or fully your own, etc.

However, some general estimates can be made.

As far as the pain and suffering portion goes (since the financial loss portion will be completely unique based on each individual’s circumstance), here are general approximations of what people in the past have won:

  • Minor eye injuries: for injuries which are temporary with no permanent symptoms: £1900-3500
  • Minor eye injuries accompanied by painful symptoms: injuries which will ultimately not be permanent, but which caused pain in the eyes: £3500-7700
  • Damaged vision in one eye: for injuries causing serious and permanent damage to vision in one eye: £8000-34,500
  • Blindness in one eye: for injuries causing total blindness in one eye: as much as £48,000
  • Blindness in both eyes: for injuries causing blindness in both eyes: as much as £235,000

Don’t Fight Alone

 Your eyes are a serious part of how you earn an income and live your life. If they have been injured in a motorcycle accident – claims which are complicated and hard to win as it is – don’t leave compensation up to the insurers.

At Jones Whyte Law, our expert personal injury solicitors know what it takes to get you what you need and will know how to properly assess your eye injury and get you fair compensation. Give us a call today to start getting your life back on track.

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