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Motorcycle Accident Claims Glasgow & Scotland

When you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, your life gets turned upside down. Besides the psychological trauma, you also have enormous costs for injuries and damages as well as potentially missed work.

For many in this situation, especially if they feel they were somehow partially at fault, they can quickly become confused about whether or not their insurance will still cover their injuries and damages.

It is important that you know the facts, so you can make the proper claim and receive the compensation that you need and deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors

 Even if you have wondered “What if the motorcycle accident was partially my fault?” and you feel that you should have been able to avoid it, if the other party has been ruled at fault, you absolutely are entitled to compensation for your injuries and any loss due to the accident.

If you are not sure whether or not you do hold some or all of the responsibility, you should still seek our professional advice, as you may still be eligible for compensation.

What If You Are Ruled as Partially at Fault?

Perhaps in your situation, you have been deemed partially or even largely at fault. This does not disqualify you from making a claim.

You can still be eligible for compensation. The difference in these situations, however, is that your final compensation award will be less, reflecting the fact that your actions contributed to causing the accident. Since you are partially responsible, you will not receive the full compensation you would have otherwise been entitled to for the injuries and property loss you incurred.

However, especially if you work with skilled professionals who can help fight for your needs, compensation even when you are partly to blame can still be substantial. The amount will still be dependent upon the severity of your injuries and loss, so if those are severe, your compensation can still be considerable, even if you are 75-80% to blame. 

Bottom line – even if you are in doubt about your responsibility, or even if you know that you are partially or largely at fault, don’t leave your physical, mental, and monetary well-being to the insurers. You need someone fighting for you to ensure that you get what by law is rightly owed to you in these situations to help meet the new needs and challenges you face.

 Motor Cycle Injury Lawyers Based In Glasgow & Scotland

Remember, you are permitted to hire your own solicitor – you do not have to work with the one your insurance suggests for you, and you certainly don’t have to allow the other party’s insurance to take care of things. The insurance company will be looking after their own interests first, not yours.

 Even if you are partially at fault for your motorcycle accident, you do have rights and compensation that you are entitled to. No one wants to be in an accident – that is why they are called “accidents.” You still deserve to be helped through such a challenging situation, but an insurance company will be more concerned about their own losses. 

So, make sure you get a solicitor who will be on your side, is looking out for you, and who can help you navigate this complex process, which is only more complex if the fault for the accident is unclear.

 Our skilled and experienced are ready to take on your case and help you get what you need and deserve from your insurance company.

Give us a call today, so we can help you get your life back.

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