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Historic Abuse Claims Glasgow & Scotland

Deciding to make a historical abuse claim is one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life. Whether the historic abuse claim is physical, mental or sexual, it is crucial to choose the right team of lawyers to guide you through the entire process. At Jones Whyte, our experienced and dedicated team will provide you with compassionate and sensitive service, ensuring that the process of making the claim can be made as respectful and private as it can be.

Who can I make the claim against?

Every case of historic abuse is different but generally you can make a claim against the person or organisation that was responsible for your care. In some circumstances however, the claim will not be related to care at all and therefore there might be a requirement to make a civil claim. Our team of dedicated lawyers will discuss your individual case with you and advise you on how to best proceed with your claim.

What are the time limits for making a claim?

The Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Act 2017 has removed time limits for making a compensation claim in the civil courts for persons under the age of 18 who have suffered from abuse. Although there are no specific time restrictions for historic abuse claims, it is essential to seek legal advice at the earliest stage. It is best to speak with someone as soon as you feel you are able to do so to get your claim started.

Will I have to attend Court?

For most victims of abuse, the thought of appearing in Court is very off putting and too stressful. Although in some circumstances, it might be necessary to appear in court, majority of cases can be settled in advance of the court hearing.

Raising a court action does not necessarily mean that you will need to attend court and give evidence personally. We will provide you with advice throughout your entire case. Should your case require you to attend at court, we will advice you that this is a requirement and only proceed if we have your authority to do so. You can rest assured that we will be representing your best interests but will only advice you. We will ask for your instructions and only act on them.

Will my historic abuse case be public?

At Jones Whyte, our team of experienced lawyers understand you are going through a stressful and difficult time. This is why; we will ensure that your privacy is respected throughout the entire process. If the court decision will need to be made public, we will request your details to be anonymous. 

Will I need to provide evidence?

Like most cases, we will need to ensure that we have evidence in support of your claim. During our initial consultation, we will discuss this with you and ensure that we assist you with the process of gathering evidence to our best ability, ensuring that we can make the process of making the claim as smooth as it can.

We understand that deciding to make a historic abuse claim is a very difficult decision.  We will treat your case with utmost confidentiality. With many years of experience, we will guide you through the process every step of the way, ensuring you are provided with a professional and compassionate service. To discuss your individual case today, please call us on 0141 375 1222 or contact us on here.