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Dental Injury Compensation

Dental work can be expensive. If you have suffered dental injury as a result of an accident or as a result of the negligence of the person responsible for carrying out dental work for you, then you should be able to claim compensation, both for the pain and suffering you have undergone and for the expenditure and financial loss you have incurred as a result of the injury. The expert solicitors at Jones Whyte can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. Contact us today for advice, information and assistance.

Claiming for Dental Injury Compensation with Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

A dental injury could include cracked or lost teeth, a broken jaw, or damage to the roots of your teeth or your gums. You can suffer dental injury in a number of ways, including:

  • In a road traffic accident, which will require a claim against the other driver or their insurer;
  • Through dental negligence, where your dentist or surgeon was negligent in treating you;
  • Where you have slipped, tripped or fallen; and
  • In child accidents, such as in the park or in school.

The specialist clinical negligence and personal injury solicitors at Jones Whyte will fight your corner to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. We will claim to compensate you for your general injuries, pain and suffering, as well as for any loss of income you have sustained where you may have had to miss work due to your injuries, and for any expenditure you have incurred in order to put right the damage.

Compensation you can obtain with Dental Injury Compensation Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

The level of compensation that the dedicated solicitors at Jones Whyte can hope to obtain on your behalf depends to a large extent on how serious your injuries are. Rest assured, we will go for the maximum that we think is possible, but broadly, you can hope to recover:

  • £700 to £1,150 for injured back teeth;
  • Between £1,400 to £2,600 for injured front teeth;
  • £2,800 to £7,500 for two or more front teeth, which have been lost or damaged; and
  • Between £4,000 and £29,000 for a fractured jaw.

Every claim will depend on the exact facts of that case, but you can rely on the expert solicitors in the clinical negligence and personal injury departments of Jones Whyte to recover the compensation you deserve under the law.

Contact Specialist Dental Injury Compensation Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

The experienced solicitors at Jones Whyte uphold a reputation for making your best interests our top concern. We will work with you, taking you through every step in your matter, to make sure that we find a specialist solution that you are nothing less than happy with. With decades of experience between them, our team are well placed to make sure that you get the result you deserve. For legal advice and assistance from solicitors who will always put your best interests first, please contact us. Our head office is in Glasgow; call 01413751222 today, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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