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Personal Injury Compensation Claims Lawyers Glasgow Scotland

The law in Scotland protects us if another person or organisation’s negligence causes us to suffer harm. Whether you were injured in an accident at work, in a public place or a road traffic accident, if your injury wasn’t your fault, then you are entitled to claim compensation for the suffering and loss you have had to endure as a result.

When an accident victim makes a personal injury claim, whether or not they will get the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to often hinges on the quality and strength of evidence, as  well as how skilfully negotiations with the other party’s insurers are carried out. This is where our specialist personal injury lawyers can help. At Jones Whyte Law, we pride ourselves on achieving the maximum possible settlements in the minimum amount of time.

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Scottish Personal Injury Claims Lawyers in Glasgow

Making a personal injury claim involves building a strong case, following a set procedure and adhering to tight deadlines. This includes bringing a claim within three years of the accident (or when you reasonably became aware of your injury) and satisfying three key criteria:

  1. That the person or organisation you hold responsible for your injury owed you a duty of care, i.e. they had a legal responsibility not to cause you to suffer harm; and
  2. That the person or organisation did not observe the duty of care they owed you; and
  3. That the person or organisation’s failure to observe the duty of care caused you to suffer injury.

These criteria must be established by clear evidence, such as photos, witness statements and medical reports. If the evidence is strong, then the person or organisation liable for your injury may offer to settle the claim out of court. If so, it’s vital to ensure they offer a fair amount of compensation that mirrors what you are legally entitled to (including for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and any damage done to your property). If the other party doesn’t accept liability, a court will decide whether the claim meets the legal requirements and, if so, how much compensation should be awarded.

If you are unsure about the process of making a personal injury claim in Scotland, please get in touch. Our specialist personal injury solicitors will guide you through everything, from how a personal injury compensation claim is made to the current personal injury compensation rates.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Scotland

No two personal injury claims are the same. Every claim varies, both in terms of the nature of the accident and the severity of the injury suffered. Our personal injury solicitors have acted in all the Scottish courts and in thousands of different cases, from minor whiplash injuries up to multi-million-pound settlements.

Below is a list of some of the different types of personal injury claims we regularly help our clients with:

Even if your injury or accident isn’t listed above, our expert personal injury solicitors will still be able to help. Please contact us for more information.

Jones Whyte Law – Personal Injury Lawyers Scotland

No matter the injury, or where it occurred, you can rely on our experience to give you the best chance of achieving the best possible outcome. Contact us to discuss your options, free of charge, and find out what we can do to help.

We’re a team of young, dynamic, client-focused solicitors, who pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective solutions. Operating throughout Scotland, we offer an open door policy and legal services tailored to your needs and budget. For legal advice and assistance from solicitors who will always put your best interests first, please contact us.

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