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Fiancé(e) Visa Lawyer Scotland

A Fiancé(e) Visa UK can be used by the partner of a British citizen or person with settled status to enter the UK in order to get married.

If the application is successful, the applicant will be issued with six months leave to enter as a fiancé(e) and marriage must be registered in the UK within these six months to apply for further leave to remain in the UK on the basis of marriage.

You must intend to marry in this time and can then switch to a Spouse or Civil Partner Visa after the ceremony. This will allow you to stay in the UK with your British partner indefinitely and to settle permanently. Unfortunately, you will not be able to work on this visa type so you will also need to prove that you can support yourself without public funds.

If an application for entry clearance as a fiancé(e) is not successful, the applicant will have a statutory right to appeal against the decision of the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) to refuse the application and the notice of appeal must be filed within 28 days of the date of receipt of the refusal letter.

What are the Fiancé(e) Visa requirements?

The applicant will have to meet the requirements of the Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules to qualify for fiancé(e) visa.

Similar to other partner visas, the Fiancé(e) Visa UK requirements include:

  • A minimum income requirement of £18,600. The Home Office will only take the UK sponsor’s income into consideration.
  • Proof of adequate accommodation.
  • The couple must have met before.
  • The applicant must have proof of English Language ability.
  • You have enough funds to support yourself without public support.

How long does a Fiancé(e) Visa last after a wedding?

A fiancé(e) Visa lasts for six months in total, from the date of issue.  During this time, you must get married to your fiancé(e). Once you are married, you can remain in the UK for as long as your visa is valid (for example, if you had a wedding two months after the date of issue, you could remain in the UK for four month months after the wedding).  If you want to stay in the UK after this time, the married partner of the British citizen must apply for a Marriage Visa, also known as a Spouse Visa.

If you would like to discuss the requirements of a fiancé(e) visa or are concerned you do not meet any of these requirements, our experienced solicitors will be able to advise you on the alternative ways you can prove that you are eligible for a UK fiancé(e) Visa.

Our immigration solicitors will take detailed instructions from you and advise you about the relevant and up to date immigration laws and procedures to be adopted by the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) in your fiance(e) visa application;