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Naturalisation application

A marriage visa in Scotland is issued after marriage to a British citizen. Before a spouse visa is approved, there are a number of requirements that will need to be satisfied. These rules ensure that only valid applications are made and the interests of the country as well as the citizens are protected. Therefore failure to comply with the requirements can have a consequence of the visa being denied.

Before your spouse visa will be granted, it will be necessary to provide supporting evidence that you have been living with your spouse for at least two years. If you lived with your spouse for four or more years outside the UK, it might be possible to obtain a permanent residency at the time of your application for your visa.

In order to be eligible to obtain a spouse visa you must satisfy a number of requirements and they are as follows:

-You must be 18 or over

-You must provide evidence that you are in a genuine relationship

-You must be able to give notice of marriage

-You must be able to meet any costs in respect of the travel expenses of return or onward journey

-You must be able to provide evidence that you can support yourself without either employment or the help from the public funds

Applying for a marriage visa can be a very stressful time and therefore choosing the right team of immigration lawyers to represent you is essential. At Jones Whyte, our specialist team has vast experience in handling spousal visa applications and will work towards ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible.

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