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Making a Will in Scotland - Will Writing Lawyers

Deciding what will happen to our property when we die isn’t something many of us want to think about. But if we fail to plan for the future and don’t communicate our wishes, the law will step in, which is likely to result in an outcome that doesn’t reflect our intentions. It could also cause problems or disagreements between those we leave behind.

At Jones Whyte Law, our private client solicitors can help you plan for the future. We are experts in Scottish succession law, including the inheritance tax system, and experienced legal drafters. We will help you to prepare or review a Will so that it clearly and comprehensively sets out what is to happen to your estate when you are no longer here. Please Contact us to discuss your options and find out what we can do to help.

Writing a Will in Scotland

If you die without a Will (which is known as dying intestate), then your belongings, property and money (your estate) will be distributed according to specific laws known as the intestacy rules. These rules set out which surviving relatives are entitled to your estate (once all debts and liabilities are satisfied) and the order of how it will be distributed, such as by granting specific prior rights to a surviving spouse or civil partner and then legal rights to children. An up-to-date, comprehensive Will is therefore the only way to ensure that all your possessions are distributed according to your wishes.

Exactly what you put in a Will is something you decide, although the more comprehensive it is, the more confident you can be that your wishes will be carried out. Amongst other things, a Will can cover:

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Who you want to be the executors (the legal representatives responsible for administering your estate when you die)
  • Who will inherit specific belongings, property, money and any other assets
  • If you have children, who will be their guardian
  • Whether any donations should be made to charities
  • What should be done with your digital assets, such as online and social media accounts

We can help you identify the matters you may want to address in a Will and ensure it’s properly drafted and legally valid so that your instructions will be followed.

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We’re a team of young, dynamic, client-focused solicitors, who pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective solutions. Operating throughout Scotland, we offer an open door policy and legal services tailored to your needs and budget. For legal advice and assistance from solicitors who will always put your best interests first, please contact us.

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