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Adults with Incapacity Law in Scotland

An adult who has lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves, is an issue which must be approached with care and sensitivity.

Power of Attorney, Intervention Order or Guardianship Order Legal Advice

Whether you want the peace of mind that a Power of Attorney will provide in the management of a loved one’s affairs, or require an Intervention Order or Guardianship Order to give you legal rights to act on a family member’s behalf, Jones Whyte Law will advise you accordingly.

The Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act (2000) is an act of the Scottish Parliament concerning the welfare of adults. For those adults who, whether through ill-health or otherwise, have lost the ability to communicate and care for themselves, the act provides the framework for how those who have been appointed should act on behalf of the incapacitated person. Our solicitors can help you to make the right decision which is in the best interests of the adult concerned.

No matter what your circumstances we can give you advice on any situation relating to these matters. Quite often our clients are surprised just how readily available advice is in this area of law.

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