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Moving home can be one of the most exciting things a person can undertake throughout their lives. It can however be extremely stressful, and often when thinking about moving home, it is difficult to know ‘where to start’. Fortunately Jones Whyte can assist you every step of the way.

Before you begin the fun part of scrolling through rightmove, zoopla, etc looking for your dream home, it is important to ascertain exactly what you can afford. There is nothing worse that viewing the home of your dreams, only to later find out that the property is outwith your price range. If like most of us, you require a mortgage to finance your home purchase, there are two things you need to do at the outset: (1) ascertain how much you are able to borrow, at what rate, and of course the level of your monthly repayments, and (2) if you have a home to sell, obtain an estate agents valuation of what price they believe your current home with achieve with a sale on the open market.

Arranging your Mortgage

To begin the process of arranging your mortgage, you have in essence have two options: (1) you approach your own bank to set up a meeting with their own ‘in-house’ mortgage broker, or (2) you seek advice of an independent mortgage broker. Commonly, people who choose option 1 simply do so on the basis that they think this will be ‘easier’ as they have their accounts with this bank, and thus the bank already know their financials, meaning they will obtain their offer of a mortgage more quickly. Often this is not the case, and you will require to go through the exact same process with their own bank as with any other. The other major downside of going down this route is that you will only have access to the few deals that are being offered by that bank and don’t have the benefit of comparing these with other banks and lenders. You can often therefore be missing out on the best deal going in the market.

The benefit of choosing to seek advice from a mortgage broker, is that they are totally independent, and have access to the ‘whole of the market’ and can see exactly what the best and cheapest deal out there for you. For that very reason, we would always advise in seeking the advice of an independent mortgage broker as soon as you begin to think about moving home.

Here at Jones Whyte we work with mortgage brokers the length and breadth of the country and connect our clients with brokers on a daily basis. As a result of our close working relationships, we often find this makes the legal process of moving home run more smoothly.

Over and above providing mortgage advice, the brokers we work with are often independent financial advisors and can provide advice on insurance, pensions, income protection, etc.

Estate Agent Mortgage Advisors Glasgow

Appointing an Estate Agent to sell your Home

 Historically when selling your home, you would have the choice of ‘High Street’ agents who had offices in your area. Depending on where you live, this could mean that you have a very limited choice of agent to choose from, often meaning the room you had to negotiate the fee charged  by the agent was extremely limited.

With the advent of the online agent, and the particularly the advent of the ‘hybrid agent’ which is a combination of online/high street agency, you have much more choice when it comes to who you appoint. With more choice for you as the consumer, this has inevitably led to agents fees across the board reducing which is only good news for you!

It is important that you consider all the pro’s and con’s of which type of agent you want to appoint, and decide what is best for your property. Here at Jones Whyte we can provide advice to assist you in making the right decision for your property. Additionally, we work with numerous agents the length and breadth of Scotland, and can often secure discounts on fees charged by estate agents.

For advice on all your Mortgage and Estate Agency needs, please contact our Property/Conveyancing Department on 0141 375 1222.

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