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Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is where a third party pays for the costs of your claim. In return for doing so, the funder will usually want a proportion of the proceeds if the case is successful. However, if your claim is unsuccessful then the funder won’t get anything. It is a good way of ensuring that cases, which you might not have the resources to run, are able to proceed. At Jones Whyte, we help our clients find and use litigation funding throughout Scotland.

Why Pursue Litigation Funding with Specialist Solicitors in Glasgow?

Litigation funding can take the risk out of litigation. At Jones Whyte, we will help you find litigation funding options and negotiate with your funder to arrive at the most suitable arrangement. The arrangement will usually involve your funder recovering a percentage of your damages if your claim is successful, or a multiple of the amount of money advanced by them.

Contact us today and our specialist commercial litigation solicitors will review your claim in order to get an idea of the prospects of success. If we feel that its prospects are good enough, we will make applications to litigation funders for funding. If you receive funding offers, then we’ll advise you as to which ones we think are best for you.

We work with our litigation department and our partners outside of the firm to ensure that we get the best arrangements for our clients. If you are a prospective funder, why not talk to us today? We are always seeking to widen our pool so that our clients have more to choose from.

Changes to Litigation Funding in Scotland

At Jones Whyte, we pride ourselves on always remaining apprised of developments in the law, and we make a point always to keep our clients updated when we are running their cases.

In 2017, the rules on litigation funding in Scotland changed. There are now increased funding options and as well as greater predictability in the costs of funding, which should benefit both claimants and funders. The changes include:

  • the introduction of sliding caps for success fee arrangements in personal injury and civil actions;
  • the allowance of damages-based agreements;
  • the introduction of qualified one-way costs shifting for personal injury cases and appeals; and
  • the introduction of a multi-party action procedure in Scotland.

Contact Specialist Litigation Funding Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

At Jones Whyte, we understand all the concerns that come with litigation, including funding. That’s why we do all we can to ensure that you get the litigation funding that you need in order to continue with your claim. Once you contact us, we will take our time to discuss all the aspects of your claim with you to establish its prospects of success. Then we will keep you updated as we approach litigation funders on your behalf. Our solicitors are always transparent, and we take special care to make sure that you are happy at every stage of your claim. Give us a call today on 01413751222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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