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Criminal Defence Lawyers Glasgow

We are able to offer the highest quality of representation in relation to every aspect of criminal investigations and court proceedings throughout Scotland. We will be able to assist you to defend yourself or your company against any criminal allegation.

No matter what the criminal allegation, we will be able to assist. A selection of some of the matters we are highly experienced in are:-

  • Serious violence and assault
  • Attempted murder and murder
  • Culpable Homicide
  • Drug Offences
  • Historical Sexual Offences
  • Rape allegations
  • Breach of the Peace
  • Offences under section 38 and 39 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010
  • Domestic Offences – Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018
  • Offensive Weapons
  • Offences under the Communications Act 2003
  • Firearms Offences
  • Sheriff Court Prosecutions
  • High Court Prosecutions
  • Conviction and Sentence Appeals


Experienced Criminal Solicitors Based In Glasgow City Centre

We are equipped to provide expert representation from the point of initial police contact all the way through to any eventual trial. If you are arrested or invited to attend for police interview, you should contact us immediately. This is an integral part of the process so the right legal advice is extremely important. Our advice often results in no charges being brought at the conclusion of the interview process.

If the matter goes to court, we will be able to provide the highest quality of representation throughout the process. We are experienced court practitioners and used to defending clients in the Justice of the Peace, Sheriff Court and High Court of Justiciary. If expert witnesses are required, we have an extensive network of expert witnesses whom we have worked with over many years. Should the matter proceed in the High Court of Justiciary, we are able to utilise excellent relationships with the most highly skilled Advocates and Q.C.’s in the country to provide the best defence team possible.

Police Station Representation

We provide 24/7 representation to clients who are under investigation by the police. If the police have been in contact with you to arrange an interview, you should contact us immediately so that we can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

If you have been arrested and taken into police custody, you have the right to legal advice and should request that we are notified. We will be available 24/7 to offer telephone advice in the first instance and attend at the police interview with you in person thereafter. How you handle the police questioning can be crucial to your defence.

Bail Undertaking

 If you have been arrested and interviewed by the police, you may be released on police bail with an undertaking to attend at court on a specified date.

You should make contact with us prior to that court date so that we can advise you on the terms of the bail undertaking and attend at court with you. We will be able to liaise with the procurator fiscal’s office in order to ensure the court appearance is going ahead and find out what the charges will be when you arrive at court.

Citations to attend Court

You may have been served with a citation by the police or simply through the post. The citation will explain the methods in which you can answer the citation. We recommend that you contact us and provide us with a copy of the citation and the complaint (the document setting out the charges).

Criminal Law FAQ 

Should I have a solicitor present if the police want to interview me?

Answer: Yes, the police must have reasonable grounds to suspect you of a criminal offence before you can be arrested. You have the legal right to advice from a solicitor prior to being interviewed by the police. We recommend that you always obtain legal advice before speaking to the police.

If I receive a citation for court, should I just plead guilty by letter myself?

Answer:- When the procurator fiscal serves a citation, you have the option to respond yourself. Amongst other things, there may be legal issues that could mean the case against you is incompetent. We therefore always recommend you seek advice from a solicitor.

Can the charges against me be dropped?

Answer:- Once you have been charged with an offence, the police will submit a report to the procurator fiscal. They will then decide whether you are going to be prosecuted. Obtaining legal advice at this stage allows for us to contact the procurator fiscal and make representations on your behalf. This can result in the matter proceeding no further or an alternative to prosecution being offered.

If I am contacted by the HSE, SEPA or Trading Standards, do I need a solicitor?

Answer:- If you are contacted by a regulator, we strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice. You may subsequently be prosecuted in relation to the matter under investigation. Any investigation can take a number of months so expert advice from people used to dealing with the regulators is advised.

I am a professional working in a regulated sector, do i need to tell the regulators if I have been interviewed by the police?

Answer: Your regulatory body will have strict rules regarding disclosure of alleged criminal activity. You should seek legal advice to check what your regulator needs to know. If you have been charged with an offence by the police, please contact us for advice immediately as time limits may apply.

I’ve been charged with road traffic offences, is there any point in challenging these?

Answer: Even if you are guilty, there may be scope to negotiate a plea with the procurator fiscal to a reduced charge or charges. Further, the law imposes a number of technical requirements that are always worth checking before tendering a plea. Even if you are pleading guilty, what is said in mitigation can make a difference to the number of penalty points or length of disqualification ultimately imposed.

The police have seized cash from me, what can I do to get it back?

Answer:- The police and other authorised agencies have the power to make cash seizures in certain circumstances. If you are able to explain where the cash came from, we can liaise with the Civil Recovery Unit of crown office on your behalf in order to have the cash returned.

I have a proceeds of crime action. Can they take the house I have just bought?

Answer: Depending on the offence you were convicted of, the prosecution can pursue assets up to the value of your alleged benefit from criminal activity. It does not matter when and how these assets were acquired by you.

Contact Our Glasgow Defence Lawyers

Our criminal defence team are on hand to answer your calls throughout the working week. For a phone consultation please call us on 0141 375 122.


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