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Judge Rejects Claims on Prince’s Estate

The ongoing saga of who will inherit Prince’s estate following the singer’s death earlier this year has taken a new turn, with a Judge apparently denying the claims of close to 30 hopeful beneficiaries, reports the Telegraph

Prince died in April this year, leaving an estate estimated to be worth up to $500 million. No will has yet been found, sparking intense speculation over who his rightful heirs should be.

Prince had no surviving children and his parents are both deceased, which means that his sister, Tyka Nelson, and five acknowledged half-siblings appear to be his closest surviving relatives. Under Minnesota law, which will be applied if no will can be found, siblings and half-siblings are treated the same, and all would be entitled to an equal share in Prince’s estate.

According to the Telegraph, these six claims on the estate have all been accepted by the Judge, although Tyka and three half-siblings are apparently to be genetically tested.

The 29 people who have been denied as potential heirs include five who claimed to be either biological or adoptive children of Prince. The Judge also rejected the claim of others claiming to be additional half-siblings of the singer.

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