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Heir Uncovers Unexpected Inheritance

If you ever find yourself named as a beneficiary in someone’s will, then normally the bequest that you receive is quite straightforward, such as a sum of money or a treasured memento. However, this is not always the case.

In a case recently reported by the BBC, a Frenchman who inherited a house from a member of his family subsequently discovered there was a lot more to this bequest than he first thought.

It was only when he started to move pieces of furniture in his inherited property around that he realised a fortune in gold had been concealed around the house.

He found a box of gold coins fastened underneath a piece of furniture and another hidden in a whiskey box. He then found gold bars and ingots in hiding places throughout the house. In total, the hidden gold was estimated to be worth around £3 million.

The gold has reportedly already been sold by the lucky beneficiary, but it is possible that it may not all be good news with regards to his unexpected inheritance. Under French law, he will have to pay tax of 45% on his inheritance, reports the BBC, and if it transpired that the relative who hid the gold had not declared it, his heir might also be liable to three years of outstanding taxes.

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