New research from Australia has revealed that it can take up to five years for divorced couples to recover their financial position following separation.

According to the study, by AMP.NATSEM, divorce not only decimates savings and assets but threatens the ability for many to get back into home ownership, accumulate adequate superannuation and provide desired education outcomes for their children.

"Understandably, most couples don't plan for divorce,” commented AMP Chief Customer Officer Paul Sainsbury. "This lack of planning, combined with the significant disruption and emotional distress of a divorce, often means finances are a lower priority and mishandled during a separation.”

"And with Australians now tending to divorce later during our mid 40s and prime wealth-accumulating years – the long-term financial impacts can be considerable," he added.

Key findings from the report include:

In addition, homeownership remained out of reach for many divorced parents. Five years after a marriage breakdown, 40% of divorced mothers and 32% of divorced fathers still live in rental accommodation.

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