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Woman Receives Compensation for Poor Dental Treatment

A woman has been awarded compensation amounting to £7,000 after suffering months of pain following poor quality dental treatment, reports Cambridge News.

Thirty-eight-year-old Miranda Carpenter had attended her dentist in St. Ives for scheduled root treatment. She was told that the treatment had been successful, but almost immediately started experiencing pain in the affected tooth.
She went back to see the same dentist several months later, but was informed that the pain she was experiencing was nothing to do with the root treatment, and instead was coming from her sinuses. However, her doctor was unable to find any problem and so Ms Carpenter went back to her dentist, who eventually prescribed antibiotics.
She continued to suffer severe pain and decided to consult another dentist, who took x-rays of the affected tooth and realised that the root treatment Ms Carpenter had received had been carried out incorrectly.
The new dentist attempted to redo the root treatment, but this was not successful and Ms Carpenter had to have the tooth removed. She subsequently brought a claim for damages against the original dentist and was awarded £7,000 in an out-of-court settlement, although the dentist made no admission of liability.

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