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Holly O'Hara

How To Become Someone's Guardian In Scotland


Do you know what it means to become someone’s guardian? You may have heard the term guardianship or guardian and been unaware what this means. We have written this blog to explain what being a guardian really means, when it is necessary and what is involved.

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The Ultimate Legal Guide for Students Becoming Tenants


Beyond studying and meeting copious deadlines, flat hunting is another responsibility many students face. The task of securing and thereafter living in a flat can introduce numerous concerns for students, particularly international ones unfamiliar with the laws and regulations governing tenancy in Scotland.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Home


Save, save, save

It is important to save your money when thinking about buying your first home, as you want to be financially stable before going through the property purchasing process.

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With an increasing number of couples in the UK divorcing and entering into new relationships, it is inevitable that the children of these parties are also carried into these relationships. As a new partner of someone already with children, you may wonder what rights you have regarding those children. Contact is especially important. The ability to regularly maintain a relationship can be essential for both you and the child. This article will provide you with some answers and explain the necessary steps to get contact.

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Adoption in Scotland: A brief overview

The Basics

The decision to adopt is one of the most significant decisions a person can make in their lifetime. It can be an intimidating process to begin with and there is lots to consider. In choosing to adopt a child or young person you are accepting the role of their guardian and will eventually assume the legal responsibilities and rights that are central to parenthood in Scotland. The process of adoption is one that is only exceptionally reversed. It formally makes a person a legal member of their new family.

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